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In my humble opinion the most effective marketers are born and not made….

Having been privileged to have led a large number of teams in different organisations (big and small) and work with a variety of different people on some fantastic brands and different commercial challenges, I have drawn a simple conclusion. The most effective marketers are born and not made. Over the years I have experienced all…


In the profound words of John ‘Hannibal’ Smith… I love it when a plan comes together

As a child growing up in the UK in the 80’s the escapades of Hannibal, Face, Murdoch and BA were the stuff of legend. Typically sandwiched between World of Sport and the Wrestling (on one of only four available TV stations to watch….), the A-Team boys were proper appointment to view telly. The profound almost…


From the hamster wheel to the rollercoaster: The story of a marketing consultancy start up

What a difference a year makes. A year ago my inbox was filled with an unfathomable amount of incoming e-mails on multiple projects, I was best friends with the early morning Costa drive thru staff en route to work and at the other end of the day I was still dealing with the fallout from…

“In all my time at the brewery, no one person has made such a big and positive impact as Phil. We shall miss him greatly.

Paul Wells – Chairman, Charles Wells Brewery

“Phil was one of Karmarama’s most well liked and respected clients, having been instrumental in the development of the highly successful Bombardier campaign. His clear thinking, action orientated and effectiveness focused approach always works. He knows how to get the best out of his team and his agencies. We hope to work with him again.

Ben Bilboul, CEO, Karmarama

“In Charles Wells, Phil took a traditional, iconic business and supercharged it for the 21st century, making smart investments in innovation as well as portfolio design, breeding a culture of confidence, ensuring his team were on the front foot and his brands leading change. I firmly believe that great work is not as a result of just the agency, but a great client. One that is willing to be brave, to disrupt the category and  take a risk in the pursuit if greatness. Phil is all of the above.”

James Osborn – Client Services Director – Southpaw

“From ensuring a steady stream of audience insight, developing new products, like the Charlie Wells craft beer, through to embedding rigorous brand planning across the portfolio and delivering those plans to audiences and, critically, to the trade, too. With his wide client experience, I strongly suspect he’d be a useful chap to have in the tent if you’re a marketing services company, too.”

Dan Thwaites, Chief Strategy Officer, Tug