47 Days in – the story of a marketing consultancy start-up

It’s 47 days since I kicked off this little marketing consultancy project in anger and it seemed appropriate to take stock, reflect and share my progress. I was genuinely touched by those positive comments of support I received around the kick off post on ‘pressing pause and evaluating what’s important’ (thank you all). To put it all in perspective, I scribble these musings having just attended my eldest daughter’s school harvest assembly, typically an event I would have had to bypass due to more traditional work commitments and it was great to able to prioritise this as a ‘must do’ on the ‘to do’ list for today!

In a nutshell the last 47 days can best be described as totally liberating. I’ve relished the opportunity to challenge myself on multiple fronts to get out and about and engage with a network of people who have had the good grace to give me some time, chat through my proposition (helping shape it further) and seek to help with identifying opportunities (now or in the future). The beauty of these conversations has been to spark further chats with more people and crystallise my thinking that there are definitely opportunities for those willing to take the plunge and head out on their own.

It is clear that in todays connected world the way we work and the way we will work in the future is changing. Flexibility and harnessing the right people for the right task in hand means that opportunities for individuals like me who can drop in and support for a morning, day, week or month at a time are present and I sense will only be increasing over time. The landscape is changing and it is clear there are plentiful opportunities for businesses who want to change the rules and bring nimble thinking which can circumnavigate the traditional models of yesteryear. I’ve spent time with some start-ups in the last few weeks and it’s been great to get a sense of excitement of where they are heading and being able to feel like I can use my experience to ultimately help make a difference. The mixture of conversations is stimulating, I’m learning plenty and helping out too which is good for the soul and it’s fair to say no two days are ever the same.

I’ve also enjoyed the practical aspects of being my own boss. The concept that every £ is a prisoner is quite a nice philosophy when you step back and think about all aspects of how you work; start up or multinational. The flexibility of where you work means I am now quite skilled in making my coffee experience last longer and typically those nice coffee chains are also very good at providing free Wi-Fi! I’ve also become very skilled at navigating off peak travel – refusing to be robbed by the greedy train companies who want to charge me double for the privilege of sitting on their overcrowded trains.

So, is it all roses? So far it has been really good but I do miss aspects of my old work life. Certainly there is greater isolation in this world and I do miss some of the office banter and occasional high jinks which was a nice juxtaposition to the grown up job. I miss the sense of perspective and camaraderie you’d get from soliciting opinions and time spent with others in the office but really that’s probably all. The sense of community you can get from hot desking, coffee shop desking or even kitchen table desking is pretty damn good (my four year old brings some great thoughts and leftfield observations!!).

Which brings it all back to the original ambition, doing something for me and my family and giving me the freedom to take advantage of an exciting and ever changing world and fusing those opportunities with my 20 years of FMCG marketing experience and helping make a difference. I’m certainly finding plenty of reasons to be cheerful, 47 of them in fact!

If you are brand, agency or business looking for some support and would like me to drop by for a chat then please get in touch. I can be reached on 07879 447319 or phil@47marketing.co.uk


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