charles wells

Bringing fresh news to the beer industry with Charles Wells

As the Charles Wells Marketing Director, Phil injected momentum and inspired a fresh approach to innovation at the UK’s biggest privately owned brewery. Under his leadership a number of opportunities were identified, launched and have subsequently made a significant contribution to the overall business performance.

Amongst Phil’s extensive branded portfolio at Charles Wells was the unashamedly patriotically positioned Bombardier brand which had successfully used Rik Mayall as the brand spokesperson. Following Rik’s untimely death in 2014, Phil personally led the project to sensitively evolve the brand with a new brand spokesperson. Bob Mortimer was identified as the perfect replacement and an exciting new campaign was developed working with leading London agency Karmarama to develop the new chapter of Bombardier advertising.

The new campaign launched to critical acclaim in April 2015 helping inject fresh momentum behind the brand and in particular its under leveraged golden ale variant. The campaign was developed to work effectively and efficiently through both the grocery and on trade channels with the objective of brining re-appraisal to the brand and new drinkers into the Bombardier brand. BANG ON!