Identify and build a commercial and marketing plan for Ombar

Ombar is the UK’s leading raw chocolate brand. The range is on sale across key partner retailers here in the UK, across Europe and the wider world.

Whilst first mover in the market and well established, a number of new entrants have emerged in recent years. The challenge facing Ombar is how to retain its market share leading status as well as continuing to build upon recent success.

Phil spent time across a three-month project period working closely with the co-founders and marketing manager helping to identify and build a commercial and marketing plan to support long term success.

Phil was a real pleasure to work with during his consultancy with us. He helped us gain strategic focus, kept up the momentum and seemed to know just the right time and way to add his two cents.

He is a true professional, always maintaining diplomacy yet challenging and encouraging to think differently. He has great insights to share, but only after listening intently, soaking in the brand and gauging the key relationships and stakeholders within the company.

I, personally, have learned a great deal from Phil – techniques and skills that I will carry with me throughout my career – and I am grateful for his mentoring.

Jessica Folkerts, Marketing Manager, Ombar