Helping accelerate the UK’s leading Scandi food brand

Phil and Jonas met at Food Matters Live in the autumn of 2016. Over a shared love of crisp-bread a new project was identified, and Phil has been retained ongoing as Marketing advisor for the business, leading as Marketing Director when required and sitting on the ScandiKitchen board.

Following a thorough review of existing marketing strategy, a set of strategic priorities were identified and have subsequently been implemented. Time has been spent working with the Commercial, Marketing and E-Commerce managers to help place appropriate focus on the biggest wins for the award-winning business which operates in the café, online shop and wholesale supply spaces. Appealing to a dual target of homesick Scandi’s and Scandi curious Brits, opportunities have been identified to further accelerate the ScandiKitchen brand.

In the Autumn of 2018 a new range of ScandiKitchen branded food and drink items launched into various UK retails channels. The launch items included a range of authentically crafted Nordic jams and a range of limited edition Christmas lines including ScandiKitchen branded Christmas Ale. Phil led the project working with owners Jonas and Bronte to build a market ready proposition which will prove popular with UK shoppers, further expand the brand footprint and create a significant new revenue stream which will work in the UK and internationally.

Phil’s been a great resource for us at ScandiKitchen over the past two years. He has helped us develop our marketing toolbox and provided invaluable advice to ensure our rebranding work was carried out on time and budget. We have also been able to draw on his experience during the development of our own range of products, both in regards to branding and their position in the marketplace. Phil knows his food and drink and he is efficient and always a pleasure to involve him in projects big and small.

Jonas Aurell, ScandiKitchen