About the team

47 Marketing is run by partners Phil and Rachel Toms. With Phil’s extensive experience in marketing and Rachel’s complimentary food technology skills, they’ve realised a long held dream of establishing their own business with the simple ambition of helping brands, businesses and agencies deliver effective thinking and activation that actually works.

47 Marketing work with a wide network of different business disciplines who can help bring any project to fruition. From research specialists to designers to PR specialists and beyond, the team at 47 have some great connections to help deliver great work.

The name 47 is personally inspired and stems from a collection of co-incidences. 47 is the sum of Phil, Rachel and their daughter’s birthdays. When Phil was launching his consultancy in the summer of 2015 Mollie had just turned 4 and Bella just turned 7. And contrary to belief, Phil is not 47 but was born in 74 which is of course a nice reversal of 47.

marketing specialist phil toms

Phil Toms
Director and marketing specialist

Phil Toms is a marketing specialist and has spent nearly twenty years in the world of marketing. Most recently Phil was the Marketing Director for Charles Wells brewery in Bedford leading the strategy and execution across brilliant beer brands such as Bombardier, McEwan’s and Estrella Damm as well as putting in place a highly impactful programme of new product launches. In a former life, he was also the Nestle marketer who took the decision to hire the Nana’s who knit Shreddies, put Ian Botham inside a giant Shredded Wheat and prior to that got Tim Nice but Dim to demonstrate how easy it was to make meals with British Meat.

Phil took the decision in the Summer of 2015 to start up his own consultancy and work with a range of different businesses to help deliver genuine commercial impact. Phil can help businesses with all aspects of practical marketing from strategic brand thinking, developing effective commercial plans to freelance and individual project based support.

Since launching 47 Marketing, Phil has been fortunate to spend time working with a range of brilliant clients in different categories as well as spending time providing practical help to agency partners. Check out the case studies to find out more.

rachel toms

Rachel Toms
Home economist and tutor 

Rachel trained as a home economist at John Moores University in Liverpool. She then spent three years working for British Meat developing recipes, helping make food look amazing for photography, working closely with celebrity chefs and taking a key role in delivering food demonstrations across the UK. She then trained as a teacher and spent eleven years teaching Food Technology to GCSE and A-Level to teenage girls. Following a break to have Children, Rachel has more recently returned to the world of food teaching and has been leading a number of different topics in the local adult learning programme via her own Make it Yummy brand. After years of talking about working together again, Rachel is pleased to be involved in 47 Marketing and looking to keep Phil on the straight and narrow.